• About Crowder Farm

    This is a blog about returning to the land. We recently purchased a 130-year old farm house on 50 acres of land, planning to restore the home to its former glory and redevelop the land into a hobby farm. Covering all of our trials and tribulations, we plan on sharing the experiences of this project on this blog. The close date is June 30, 2010 – let the project begin!

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We’re moving!

Isn’t it exciting? Moving at last! No, I haven’t lost my head, we haven’t put in all this effort at Crowder House just to sell it and move on, but we did purchase http://www.CrowderHouse.com and this blog will be moving there. So, if you have been following us these past few months, perhaps bookmarking our … Continue reading

A Kitchen Emerging At Last

You might have noticed an absence of updates and pictures of the kitchen these past few months. The reason being, that it has been, perhaps, the most challenging room in our house to plan. With four points of entry (a front door, a back door, and entries from the back stairs and dining room), a … Continue reading

Great friends, great food… great venue?

As many of you are well aware, we had a little opening party at Crowder House over the Thanksgiving weekend. Fortunately, a number of our friends and colleagues were able to join us and enjoy in the fabulous food prepared by Jeanette MacNaughtan of Epicure Selections. (If you are looking for a seasonal treat, contact … Continue reading

Open House Door Prize: Interior Design Advice & Throw Pillows

As promised, please find our first update regarding door prizes at the Open House on October 9. If you are in need of some interior design advice, this first prize is the one you should be after. Blu Dot Interiors in Ottawa has graciously donated a gift certificate valued at approximately $100. The lucky winner … Continue reading

A Rural Internet Solution

I had blogged earlier on our challenges to hook Crowder House up to the interwebs. Beyond not receiving conclusive answers from service providers, the costs associated with connecting us to wireless internet were prohibitive and committing – with three year contracts for service I am hearing is shoddy. In fact, the whole endeavour would have … Continue reading

An Open Invitation – Crowder House Invites Guests

While we don’t expect to be finished with our renovations at Crowder House by then, we are eager to open the doors of our new home on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 from 12 to 3. (You are welcome to stay longer but the main activities listed below will take place during this time.) Beyond sharing … Continue reading

We Found A Fence – and a Composted Composter

It was such a lovely day yesterday, our friend Richard and I were lured into the wilderness and absorbed with clearing the fence row beside Crowder House. Oddly, after months of home renovations, gardening – if cutting back thick dead vines can be called such – was refreshing and addictive. For some reason our camera … Continue reading

Something pretty, instead of something ugly…

Both the Man and I are suffering from some autumn cold. Naturally, we are looking forward to the repairing of our wood stove tomorrow so that things might warm up again after summer’s rather abrupt end some time last week. With the residents of Crowder House sick, you can imagine that there has been little … Continue reading

Spencerville Fall Fair – This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not try an old-fashioned Canadian fall fair? The Spencerville Fall Fair, in operation since 1854, opened last night and will run throughout the weekend. While the Fair offers a variety of modern entertainment, it also boasts a number of agricultural activities more reminiscent of a traditional Canadian … Continue reading

Working in a Mess

I hate clutter. It messes with my mind. Makes things difficult. All I see is that bag that needs unpacking but can’t be because the shelf upon which the contents would rest has still not been attached to a wall. Or that box with all of the things which had formerly been cluttering a desk … Continue reading